Here are a few tools provided to help build our snowball.
You are not required to use any of these tools but they are provided for your benefit.

JCC Bible Reading Plan

The Bible Reading Plan is to encourage daily bible reading and is an excellent way to connect with one another as well as with God. Here are some suggestions on reading the plan.

  • 1. Start reading today, even if it is mid-year. Just start reading wherever the schedule takes you
  • 2. Set aside a specific time each day and try to stick to it. A habitual time will help you be faithful in your reading
  • 3. Say a short prayer as you begin, asking God to speak to you through his Word as you read.
  • 4. If God speaks to you through His Word, be sure to do what He says!

Access the JCC Reading Plan here:

Personal “Snowball” Report

The Personal Snowball Report (PSR) is a helpful tool to help track your contribution to Operation Snowball. It’s an optional monthly report with piercing questions that get to the root of your Faith (Choosing to Follow Jesus), Fellowship (Connecting with one another) and Function (Contributing to the vision). Provided below is an on-line version which is sent to our Senior Pastor as well as a downloadable PDF file that can be printed, filled out and kept and seen only by you.

Promise Book

The Promise Book is a book of promises made to God to help discipline ourselves to seek His kingdom first. There are three ways to sign the promise book. There is a physical Promise Book at Joy City Church that can be signed. The Snowball Hub has an Online Promise Book that can be signed on-line. Lastly, you can choose to download the pdf form and fill it out at home to keep for yourself.

Snowball Storybook

The Snowball storybook is an on-line collaborative blog where you are able to share your story with the world. The bible teaches us the importance of our testimonies (“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death” – Revelation 12:11) and we hope that the Snowball Storybook will provide a place where we can share, comment and be encouraged by each other’s stories. The Snowball Storybook can be viewed here.

There are two ways to submit your story to the snowball storybook: through an online form, and directly posting through the Snowball Storybook page (instructions on how to register and post can be found here)