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  1. sdoern says:

    1 Corinthians 20
    “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.”

    What a zinger! I love it!

  2. sdoern says:

    A Lesson from Goats
    Today, I passed by a small herd of goats. I almost missed them, half hidden by the tall grass on a steep hill where they were grazing. It took me back to when I was young and I imagined myself right there in the field with them…sitting in the grass, communing with my father’s creatures. That’s exactly where I would have been; that was my happy place. I considered why I would have been drawn to a scene like that, why does it still make me feel so good. It occurred to me that there I found peace, some kind of freedom in my spirit that was pure and simple. After all, the goats aren’t pondering their future or lamenting their past. They aren’t worried about their jobs, fretting about their next meal, trying to work through the world’s issues. No, they’re just goats and they’re just grazing. At most, they may be noticing how cool the grass feels against their bodies, taking in the smell of this provisional little piece of hill and feeling secure in its shelter and in the company of one another. They are just living in the moment as their mouths are stimulated by the texture and flavor of the fresh blades and their stomachs are satisfied. That’s it. It’s not complicated. That’s why I would have sat there as a child, to share in their moment of just being. Being surrounded by what God has made. Being in uncomplicated relationship, unfettered fellowship with the community. Being…in that moment…in that place. This is a kind of being I want to practice with God. This is the kind of being I want to undergird my everyday. This is where I am. The reasons are not important. The past is behind and unchangeable. The future is taken care of. But God has something for me, here, in this place and in this moment. At the very least, and maybe the very most, to just BE here with God is good.
    The irony here is that God used goats to speak this lesson to me. That seems counter-intuitive and I wonder if I’m reaching. I mean goats are anxious, jittery and unpredictable. They can be menacing and destructive even when they look so cute. Wait a minute. That sounds a lot like me! So maybe if goats can find moments just to be in the moment, to graze, to take in that which sustains them…. Suddenly this illustration has become that much more personal. Thanks God.

  3. sdoern says:

    Discovered this together in our connection group: In Ephesians 3, Paul is reminding the church in Ephesus of the mystery of Christ, the good news that God had sent Paul to share with the Gentiles. He was in prison when he wrote this letter and in verse 12 he writes: “In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.” We were struck by the fact that Paul, once a man of power and authority, with the “freedom” to do what he wanted is now in prison, stripped of his authority and “freedom”, yet he speaks of freedom “in Him and through faith”. In fact, he was spiritually imprisoned when he did not know Christ and now, though he is in a prison of men, he has found true freedom through life in Jesus. I pray that you will discover the freedom of Christ in your life and that will test and see that you can approach God with freedom and confidence.

  4. Florence says:

    Another verse in the Bible that is very convicting for me is Psalm 23 and 24 “Search me and know my heart test me and know my anxious thoughts see if there be any offensive way in me and lead me in the way everlasting” Don’t pray this prayer if you aren’t really serious about God because He will take you at your word and show you things in your life that you really didn’t realize were there. At least I am rather shocked at what the Lord has revealed to me.

  5. Florence says:

    Oh! this is a new and interesting page on this site. Actually I do have a Bible verse to share. Isa. 26:3 In the King James version it says “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee because He trusteth in thee”. I knew this verse but it never really grabbed me. Until I read it in the Amplified addition.”I will guard you and keep you in constant peace as you focus your mind on me”. That word focus really made the verse come alive to me. If I can keep my mind focused on Jesus and think about him and think about spiritual things then I won’t be thinking about my petty frustrations, or obsess about things I can’t change anyway.Don’t you agree.