Church Life

Connect with One Another

We are learning how to connect with one another in ways that go far deeper than the genuine greetings and goodwill that we exchange on Sundays. This happens largely through the Barnabas one on one relationships; and through participation in a cluster group.

Children’s Ministries

We welcome you and your children to Joy City Church. Children are important people in our church and we are dedicated to partnering with you in the cultivation of the spiritual growth of your children. Our mission in serving you is to provide the best possible care, comfort, guidance and instruction in the Word of God for your children and their leaders.

The Bible is our curriculum, printed materials and programs are our resources, and adult volunteers are our living example demonstrating the love of God and the life-changing principles to your child. Our goal is that children be loved, valued and nurtured in their faith. At Joy City Church we want only the best for our children.


Ages 0-3 years

Sunday mornings at 10:30am in Room 7

For the first three years of life, we focus on making a child’s and parent’s initial experience at church a positive and safe one! We want children to learn God’s love at the earliest opportunity. We begin with lots of hugs for the babies and sharing simple Bible stories and songs about Jesus that toddlers enjoy.

Children’s Church

Ages 4-12 years

Sunday mornings from 11:am-12:00pm in Room 6

This program is designed for children to express their faith through worship experiences, music, and interactive study. This is a fun time for kids in kindergarten through to grade 6 where God and the Bible are shown to be relevant for today’s child.

As Christians we are committed to ministry with children, not babysitting. Our focus is never on child care, but rather on nurturing children, serving parents and training leaders. The key to our children’s ministry is the volunteer staff who model Christ-likeness before the children each week.

Children are a gift from the Lord (Psalm 127:3), a gift requiring loving care and guidance. Parents are the primary teachers of their children (Deuteronomy 6:6-9) and we are here to help you grow a beautiful person by assisting you in cultivating spiritual growth in your child. We encourage you to review weekly with your child, what they learned in class and then spend time reading God’s Word together. Build relationships that will last for eternity!

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Acts 29 Student Ministries

Acts 29 Ministries is the youth ministry of Joy City Church. The name reflects what this group strives to be: a continuation of the early church in the book Acts, living and walking in the spirit. It’s a place where youths enjoy fellowship beyond the four walls of the church. Our main focus is relationship, vertically then horizontally.

The relationship we hold with each other is a reflection of our relationship with God, therefore we focus firstly on our relationship with Him and in turn it allows for fun, friendly and welcoming fellowship with each other. Under Acts 29 Ministries we currently have a few programs which are listed below:

Pause — Friday Evening Fellowship

Fridays evenings at 7pm

Pause is Acts 29’s Friday evening fellowship. It’s a place where youth can “pause” from their week of headaches at school and enjoy games, fellowship, and a bible driven discussion on current events. At Pause you can expect to find a calm and relaxing atmosphere where you can explore what it really means to be a Christian in this generation and discuss relevant topics for youths, Christian or Non.